KLA fighters in Lausa , Winter 1999 The mourning family of a 19 year old Serbian policeman at his funeral in Gorazdevac. His death prompted savage reprisal attacks on ethnic Albanians.......March 1999  Kosovar Albanian refugees arrive on the Kosovo/Albanian border as the Nato bombing campaign continues to swell the largest European refugee exodus since the war.  May 1999
A Kosava cafe in Pristina 1998.  A young diner shows his support the KLA.  It would be another eighteen months before the Serb Authorities would be driven from the city. An KosovarAlbanian Family flea their home, after their village in the Drenica Valley was attacked by  Serb forces in March 1998.
Kosovar Albanian men pay their respects to  victims of a Serbian massacre in the town of  Rugovo.   Febuary 1999
Displaced people, Kosovar Albanion women from the Drenica Valley.  April 1998. An Albanian school classroom in a private house Pristina, Kosovo.......March 1998